India US BIT-Not Going Anywhere Soon/Dead For Now!!!!!!

As we said in our first blog.  This treaty could take long……time.  In fact statements by Hon. Anand Sharma about treaty negotiations finishing soon are just statements without any concrete basis.  It is not even clear whether BIT can be signed without Model BIT is finalized and approved.  With elections on horizon, India US BIT will be pushed aside-in other words it is dead for now?

In article here the details are revealing:

“No indication was given during Thursday’s briefing by US officials about the timeframe for completion of the review.

The officials also did not discuss a possible timetable for the BIT talks at Thursday’s briefing.

This head line declares that “Investment treaty pact “soon”: Hillary”.  However when you read article it talks about putting fast track negotiations on hold!!

The confusion is among President Obama’s Cabinet members too.  Contrast this statement from US Trade Representative Ron Kirk with US Secretary of State’s Hillary Clinton’s statements above.  In this article Ron Kirk says “Long way to go for India-US investment treaty”!!

What a mess, when not only countries involved issue statements which are contradictory but one country’s own officials issue contradictory statements.  Is this a rivalry between State Department and Commerce Department?

What signal it gives to stake holders?

When we started this blog we warned about such statements-which are sometimes issued for consumption of ‘core’ constituency. We wonder if person does not have core values-how one can satisfy ‘core’ constituency???

Still let us keep hope alive for India US BIT-with visa provisions.


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