India-US BIT-How Many Countries India Has BIT With?

As per Indian Government’s web site India has such BITs with 53 countries.   Even though list mentions USA-the footnote clarifies that India does not have full fledged BIT with USA but just an “Investment Incentive Agreement”.  India is also undergoing talks with 32 other countries for BIT (US is not listed as one of them!!).  India has signed but treaty is not effective for 15 countries.  The current BIT includes countries like UK(1995), France(2000) and Sri Lanka(1998).

All this show that US is 16 years and 53 countries behind  when you compare it with UK and others!!!

When you put this in perspective, even if 1% of Indians invest in USA, say $300, 000-that is $48 Trillion investment US lost-and Millions of jobs!

Any way let me go back to yesterday’s blog on how to get one’s blog noticed and I mentioned that one of the ways is by commenting on eminent bloggers’ blogs on same subject.  In that vein, I commented on Ron Somers’ blog on the Hill, which is a known online newspaper covering capital hill.  They approved my comments which are at bottom of the blog.  Ron Somers is president of USIBC whose members include GE’s CEO and others.

Hopefully my comment will get noticed and USIBC also will pay attention to Indian investors who wants to invest in USA!




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