Model BIT-Who is In-charge??

As mentioned earlier, India US BIT will most likely based on Model BIT.  Who is in-charge of finalizing Model BIT?

There is committee who reviews the Model BIT.  This committee is ACIEP (Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy).  State Department maintains web page on this committee’s activity at

ACIEP sent its reommendations on Model BIT to Secretary of State in 2009.  BTW none of the comments addressed lack of visa provisions.  As of today we have not heard back from Secretary of State on what are her views on the recommendationas and when Model BIT will be ready!

So whom we should contact to request that visa provisions are important and they should be made part of the Model BIT?

The letter and report has following names.

Theodore W. Kassinger Alan Larson Thea Lee
Chairman Co-Chair Co-Chair
Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy Subcommittee on Investment Subcommittee on Investment

The investment subcommittee has members listed here.

So may be these are people we should contact?  Readers-any suggestions?


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