India US BIT-Who Is In-charge?

Earlier, I talked about who is in-charge of Model BIT.  In order for India US BIT to become reality three  things must happen:

1. Model BIT is finalized and approved.

2. India and US governments signs BIT based on Model BIT.

3. US Senate passes India US BIT with 2/3 majority.  India’s parliament passes India US BIT-I am not clear on this part.

In last post I talked about Model BIT and who is incharge.  Let us talk today about who are the goverment officials on both sides for India US BIT.

From Indian side it is Anand Sharma, India’s Union Cabinet Minister for Commerce and Industry

From US side it is Ron Kirk, United States Trade Representative.

Both of them had numerous talks on BIT -along with other talks.  In fact Anand Sharma has been visiting US number of times recently.

I will talk about what are latest developments on India-US BIT.  Is there any substantive progress or just show biz?



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