India – USA Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)

This blog is about India US BIT (Bilateral Investment Treaty).  I might also post tid-bits about India and USA-I like title IndiaUSBIT!



One thought on “India – USA Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)

  1. Nimeash Patell says:

    Hello, Respected All

    I really appreciate to this blog writer who has great care of US/India and have future vision of positive outcomes if BIT signed reference of this I like to share my opinion.

    To do the best for all, we all as Indian/Us citizen or Indian citizen have to do their part of duties as like ANNA HAZARE – give ray of hope to India ….this is our time now to educate our-self and other for do some thing best in life for all..

    As a US citizen what all one can do-
    The request signed & forwarded by this awareness campaign from all Indian / American citizen to their Honorable Senator/Representative

    this link for contact details of all Senators of the 112th Congress
    to open copy past in new browser

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    This is to request to carry out Bilateral Investment and Trade Treaty (BIT) with India with visa provisions. BIT is in place with huge number of countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately BIT has never been signed with India.

    What USA and India has been missing out?
    Ability of US and Indian citizens and entrepreneurs to set up small and big businesses in each other’s country. It allows legal mechanism for protection and management of such investments by allowing the investor to obtain visas to manage their own business.

    What Needs To Be Done?
    Do we have to pass new law? NO: Law has been on books for years-only President Obama’s commerce and state secretaries have to include treaty visas in current treaty which is already being negotiated with India!

    Will it Encourage FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in USA?
    Definitely!! India is fastest growing country with new millionaires created every day. Imagine even 1% of population invests in USA it could easily reach billions of dollars of investment in USA.

    We respectfully request you to accomplish this treaty with India on urgent basis.

    Thanking you,

    Your Name
    Your home address
    Your Phone Number

    If as Anna did in India if all Indian/Us citizen can convince to their Honorable Senator/Representative , it will be great for all.

    As Indian what all can do
    all Indians please request same as above or to open copy and paste in new browser
    for positive efforts for carrying out this treaty and all your local MPs ,all contact details you can get from to open copy past in new browser

    so, do this as our moral responsibility, which will benefit to all.


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